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Welcome to Consumers Cooperative FCU - We are the right choice!  Here's why -

  • We know our Members and offer excellent customer service.
  • We are known as the friendly Credit Union.
  • Our members are owners, there's no doubt about who comes first.
  • We are non-profit and pass our savings along to our members.
  • We have fewer costly fees.
  • We offer attractive savings and loan rates.

Contact Us

At Consumers Cooperative FCU, our members are our first priority. If you have questions or concerns, we want to know. Please contact us using one of these methods:


It is important to notify us immediately if your Consumers Cooperative ATM or Visa Debit Card is ever lost or stolen. During regular business hours contact us directly. After hours, please report your card lost or stolen by calling 800-500-1044.


Mission Statement
The purpose of Consumers Cooperative Federal Credit Union is to be a financially sound institution, providing quality, personalized, competitive services through dedicated employees working together in a professional and friendly manner to all of our membership.
Board of Directors
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